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Our clients receive guaranteed results because of our professional quality assurance policy that forms a solid ground for our high level of efficiency. We strive to work up to our own high standards by improving the tools and technology.



EST Enterprises Inc. was family founded in 1982 as a landscape installation and maintenance company.

1985 brought incorporation and a change in direction. Starting to spray olive trees led to expanding into weed control with the purchase of a close friend’s spray business when he wanted to move back to his hometown. The sale of our landscape installation and maintenance business soon followed in order to concentrate on weed control.

We continue to grow with the goal to maintain the family contact and service. We never want to lose the fact that we treat all our clients as if they were members of our family. Our clients are our best advertisement.


Over 40 years in business

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We Provide a Wide Variety of Services


Shield your property from fire, pesky pests, and unwelcome HOA warnings.


All our technicians are certified by AZ. Dept. of Agriculture and are required to take 6 hours continuing education along with our in house training

Integrated Pest Management

We use the latest procedures and techniques along with years of experience to help keep your landscape beautiful.

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We email you an invoice with the products applied, time, date, and technician with a link to pay online.

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